Cloud gaming service Kalydo launches on China's no. 1 social network from Tencent

Kalydo and Chi Yu launch first cloud mmo game on Tencent’s QZone

Leading cloud game service Kalydo and Shanghai based Chi Yu games launched racing mmo “Speed Kingdom” today on the popular QZone network from Tencent. Through Kalydo’s cloud game service, players can start the former client game in seconds, without needing a large download and installation.

QZone currently is the largest social networking website in China. Launched by Tencent in 2005, Qzone has 712 million registered users to date. Kalydo has achieved to become an approved third-party technology on the Qzone social network.

Speed Kingdom reached 200.000 registered users on Qzone quickly after launch. “The conversion rates show it is much easier for people to get into the game. We don’t lose potential players in a client download process anymore.” says Mr.  Zhou, CEO of Chi Yu Games.

Speed Kingdom is a new generation of 3D MMO racing online games, with a large community, a variety of vehicles, fashion items and equipment to collect and customize. In 2012 Speed Kingdom had a successful launch on Facebook under the name “Crazy Car” after which plans were made to go live on QZone.

Kalydo offers game publishers instant playability for any (client) game from the browser and desktop and a scalable service to distribute and operate their games effectively in any country. It lowers entry barriers to increase conversion rates and makes it easy to enter new markets through social networks such as Facebook, Kongregate and Qzone.

Kalydo's cloud game technology is based on “file streaming” instead of “video streaming” such as Gaikai and Onlive. Kalydo utilizes the massive processing power of the end user’s devices. The benefit is no latency and a low cost solution.  Kalydo’s low bandwidth requirements opens up cloud gaming to any market worldwide.

About Kalydo –

Kalydo is the leading cloud gaming platform with 150 million play session served in over 15 countries worldwide. Kalydo provides MMO publishers instant playability for any type of game from the desktop and browser. In addition Kalydo offers its partners an analytics system to measure the complete conversion funnel, both in and outside the game. Kalydo Powered games can be ported in the browser to any social network such as Facebook, Kongregate, VK, Qzone, Friendster and Matchmove.

Headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Kalydo was founded in 2006 and is live in 15+ countries worldwide, successfully powering games from companies such as Cartoon Network, Gameforge, COG, Chiyu, Gamigo and Gravity.


About ChiYu –

Chi Yu Network Technology Co., Ltd., is a professional company that specializes in Internet casual interactive entertainment industry as the core of the game development and operation of the client, the micro end.

Company that developed the product in the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and the Philippines, Indonesia and other countries and regions operators for many years, has a stable revenue and customer relations.

All members of the company has many years of Internet game development and operating experience, founder and core members come to the Nasdaq-listed company has good relations of cooperation with large domestic gaming platform.

2012-2013, we will use the greatest enthusiasm, efforts to build the country and the world-class web casual games, and create a micro-era entertainment new situation.

"With Kalydo, players start playing immediately. No longer do players have to download and install a large client first. This really helps users get into the game easily. Launching the first client-based game on QZone is a great way to reach a new target market." Wilkie Zhou, CEO at ChiYu
"The Kalydo service is live in over 15 countries. Entering the Chinese market is a fantastic step for us. Launching Speed Kingdom with ChiYu on the QZone and shows our technology can be used in any market around the globe." Doki Tops, CEO at Kalydo
About Kalydo

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Kalydo is the world’s leading cloud gaming platform, providing MMO publishers with instant playability for any game type via desktop or browser. Kalydo is live in 15+ countries, successfully powering games from companies such as Cartoon Network, Neowiz, Gameforge, COG, Shanda Games, Gamigo and Gravity.

With 150 million play sessions served, Kalydo offers its partners a scalable solution with end-to-end conversion funnel statistics to optimize player conversion and game operation. Kalydo-powered games can be run in the browser on any social network such as Facebook, Kongregate, VK, Qzone, Friendster and MatchMove.