Kalydo introduces Private Cloud Solution for Game Publishers

Kalydo extends Public Cloud Service with Private Cloud Solution for Game Publishers

Kalydo, leading cloud game provider today announced a Private Cloud Solution for the games industry. Online game publishers can now have full control over the cloud service their games run on. Publishers can choose a managed or unmanaged solution.

Kalydo’s Private Cloud Solution is designed specifically for online games, such as MMO games, offering instant playability around the world and detailed statistics to monitor the game’s conversion data and user behavior.  By offering a Private Cloud Solution, Kalydo ensures that games are assigned to their own private area of the cloud, running without interference of games from other game publishers. This provides a higher level of control, increase of stability and more security compared to a public cloud service.

The Managed Private Cloud is operated by Kalydo and completely takes away the need to operate and maintain your own infrastructure, while still offering the benefits of a private portion of the cloud such as automated scaling and redundancy. The Unmanaged Private Cloud offers the ability to install the entire Kalydo cloud service on your own infrastructure, enabling full control. Kalydo’s private cloud solution can operate an unlimited amount of games and is easy to setup.  

"After providing cloud services for over 5 years we noticed an increasing demand for more self-control from game publishers. Our customers can now have a ready-to-use, high end cloud game service and put it on their own infrastructure, or let us manage it for them." Doki Tops, CEO at Kalydo
"It takes two weeks up to about a month to start using our Private Cloud Solution, depending whether you choose our managed or unmanaged option. We provide developer support such as setup assistance on location where needed." Mark Schroders, CTO at Kalydo
About Kalydo

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Kalydo is the world’s leading cloud gaming platform, providing MMO publishers with instant playability for any game type via desktop or browser. Kalydo is live in 15+ countries, successfully powering games from companies such as Cartoon Network, Neowiz, Gameforge, COG, Shanda Games, Gamigo and Gravity.

With 150 million play sessions served, Kalydo offers its partners a scalable solution with end-to-end conversion funnel statistics to optimize player conversion and game operation. Kalydo-powered games can be run in the browser on any social network such as Facebook, Kongregate, VK, Qzone, Friendster and MatchMove.